Our Brand
Is Our Bond

Seeing is Believing! Rock chips, scratches, scuffs, and other imperfections
are amazingly concealed and vehicle made Brand Certified and ready to sell.

Our Roots Run Deeper
Than Any Scratch

Join Our Team of Indpendent Owners!
Our Team of Indpendent Automotive Professionals has been Serving the Automotive Industry Since 1980.

We're Green!

With our patented FinishFirst Process,the possibility of airborne
paint particles making their way into the air and onto other vehicles is eliminated.


The proof is in the results,
The FinishFirst Process improves appearance, resale value and profits.

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A FinishFirst video

To find out more about FinishFirst, our products and our services, please watch the following video presentation.

Chip & Scratch repair featuring our Eco-friendly FinishFirst Process

FinishFirst Team

If you desire independence, setting you own schedule, networking with experienced professionals, and access to exclusive patented technologies, then contact us about joining our Team.   To contact us:  Click Here

  • Michael and Kirby Doyle

    Our Faithful Leaders

    It all started back in 1980 in Portland, Oregon, owning and operating a car detail shop. It became clear there was more that could be done than just detailing interiors and trying to spiff up the exteriors. There had to be a better way to repair rock chips, scuffs, and scratches in the paint, commonly called “touch-up” to make cars look great again. There was the "FinishFirst Process"!

  • Our Home Team

    World Headquarters

    Our well trained staff is friendly and eager to serve you. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us to discuss you inquiries.

  • Our Patent

    Better Results with Patented Technology

    We hold the U. S. Patent for easiest and most effective auto chip repair process on the market! Early in our development we applied for and were awarded our U.S. Patent for our revolutionary FinishFirst Process.

    What this clearly means is that no other company’s process is quite like ours.

    Ours was the first and remains the best.  We stand behind our brand.

    "Our Brand is Our Bond!"

  • Dustin Hull

    Dustin Hull

    Since 2004

    I've been working with Finish First Auto Appearance since 2004. I've worked on over 45,000 cars over the last 16 years and I still love showing off what this product is capable of. The products at FinishFirst are far superior to anything we have seen on the market. 

    We can transform vehicles from being rock chipped and rough to vehicles making them look amazing without anyone knowing how bad the vehicle really was. We can clean up cars better than anyone else and do it faster than anyone else cornering the competitive edge in our favor in every way. FinishFirst will out shine and out last and we even finish the vehicles in less time than any imitators out there!

    We can go into any market in any city and have no issues picking up business using FinishFirst products!

  • Kyle Wolfe

    Kyle Wolfe

    Since 2005

    The pictures linked to the button below are the are ones I took of a White Toyota Highlander. It shows the hood chips I encountered and what it then looked like after using our emissionless FinishFirst Process. Just amazing. 

    I have been part of the FinishFirst team for over 15 years. They have helped me become a successful entrepreneur and provide for my family in a way I never thought was possible.

  • Landon Rutledge

    Landon Rutledge

    Since 2013

    I have been around this FinishFirst Process for many years working for my dad and I finally became my own licensee a few years ago. I am just so impressed in how the FinishFirst Process is so much better than the competition in every way.

    The FinishFirst Process is so simple yet so effective and really impresses the customers.

  • Nick Wyman

    Nick Wyman

    Since 2018

    I was a GM for Bally Total Fitness (La Fitness) for many years working 65-80 plus hours and the only day off I had was Christmas Day. I found out about Finish First from another Licensee, the day before my wedding. When he explained the opportunity to me, I realized the earning potential, that I could be my own boss, control my own hours and have way more time to send with my wife and child. It wasn’t much of a thought, I started after winter passed that year and the rest is history.

    At the end of the day, my cars looked like I had them spray painted and made look new again. Nobody else can do it the way we do it. Our FinishFirst way lasts. It has the best curb appeal.

  • Gabe Sanders

    Since 2016

    FinishFirst is a great business to mentor other Licensees in my area to be able to support themselves and their families. I was a plumber for 18 years and this new opportunity came along. I had no experience with cars. But the FinishFirst products really changed my mind. I could really see the difference in the quality of the products above anything I have ever seen before.

    The FinishFirst Process is just amazing. Just a simple filling in of the paint chips and seeing the before and after results. The cars just look so great! I also appreciate that FinishFirst is a company that really cares about and supports their licensees and helping us succeed and do well. They know if you're doing good, then we are all doing good.

  • Jason Simonen

    Jason Simeon

    Since 2017

    I was in auto sales for many years and lost that job with the recession. So, I had to make some changes. I went out with my friend on one of his accounts and was hooked from the first day. What impressed me most is that there is craft involved. I really enjoy the ability to have a variety of techniques to figure out how to fix something and make it right for someone else. I am able to help my customers. They need me and when I am done the customers are very happy.

    I love the simple FinishFirst Process and products to make the car look so good and ready to sell. I am the extra step and take the car to the next level to make it really pop and impress the customers.

  • Todd Hurley

    Todd Hurley

    Since 2016

    When we started this journey back in 2016 we had confidence in knowing it was the right move. What we didn’t know was the abundant blessings that would come as a result. Joining up with FinishFirst, combined with knowledge of the car industry, set the stage for a successful business. We became well established, in a new area, in a very short amount of time. This is in large part due to the FinishFirst products that are superior and second to none.

    We have seen consistent growth even through the pandemic. Not only have we been able to provide for ourselves but have been able to offer successful work opportunities to others. The benefits of FinishFirst have been unfathomable and beyond our expectations.

    We have such gratitude to have this opportunity and be able to share what has been entrusted to us with others.

  • FinishFirst ClearMax Plus™ Clear Coating Workshop

    Tulsa, OK
    Spring 2021

    Licensees from across the country attended the hands-on FinishFirst Workshop in Tulsa, OK, featuring our unique FinishFirst ClearMax Plus™ clear coat scratch product.

  • Dustin Hull

    Dustin Hull

    Since 2004

    The ClearMax Plus™ is another incredible product FinishFirst offers to fix severely scratched paint. It's a an easy to apply clearcoat that self-levels leaving a mirror finish as it dries. The results with ClearMax Plus™ are unparalleled to anything I've seen in over 17 years of being in this industry.

    "There is a lot of competition out there but no true competitors to FinishFirst "

    See the results before and after results for yourself on my ClearMax Plus™ demonstration video.

  • Sean Smith

    Since 2014

    I was really impressed with the quality of the paint and products. It was like nothing I have ever seen before. I had been in the used car business before, and the most important part of the dealership is the used cars division. FinishFirst addresses this very well. I really like the products, especially the FinishFirst KLN Plus™ and ClearMax Plus™ as pillar products of the company. The FinishFirst Process gives the best feeling with such good results, and I go home at night knowing I did a good job. What I do for a living actually means something.

  • Anthony Apodoca

    Since 2018

    I was doing retail work when a friend shared the FinishFirst opportunity with me. It was not easy making the change, but now I will never go back. What impressed me the most was that the The FinishFirst Process was so unique, and the quality was at a higher level of what was out there than I have ever seen before.

    The flagship for me is the chip filling FinishFirst Process that blows everyone out of the water. It is just incredible the finish that you get using just the FinishFirst Process and then even more so with FinishFirst ClearMax Plus™ product on top. We are known for having pride in our workmanship. The freedom to have your own business is a great thing. You will be as successful as you want to be.

  • Josh Doyle

    Josh Doyle

    Since 2005

    I have been involved with FinishFirst and the FinishFirst Process practically since birth and it has super fantastically wonderfully impacted my life in a multitude of ways. I don't know where to start telling about all the great things about FinishFirst and the FinishFirst Process. I don't really know what my life would be like with our FinishFirst.

    FinishFirst ClearMax Plus™ is the best vehicle clear-coat product on the market! 

    I highly recommend the FinishFirst, ClearMax Plus™ and the FinishFirst Process!

  • FFAA Logo

    Press Release - FinishFirst launches new website.

    Vancouver, WA | September 1, 2021

    FinishFirst Auto Appearance, Inc. (FinishFirst), a provider of patented vehicle refinishing products and services to automotive industry, is thrilled to announce the launch of its new website:  https://www.finishfirstauto.com

    The new FinishFirst website was created to be the gateway to FinishFirst’s new information portals for FinishFirst Licensees, Franchisees, Customers, Recruiting and Training.

    The new FinishFirst website features testimonials from throughout the FinishFirst system, providing readers real world examples of the differences FinishFirst makes for our Licensees, Franchisees and customers.

    Don't you want to FinishFirst!?

  • Our Patented FinishFirst Process

    Our Brand is Our Bond

    Our unique "PATENTED REPAIR PROCESS" has revolutionized the automotive paint chip and scratch repair industry.

    Car dealers absolutely love how their cars look after being repaired by our chip and scratch repair process, and as a result many of our Licensees are enjoying substantial success. 

    In fact, our FinishFirst Process works so well that we now have established a Team of FinishFirst Licensees across the U.S.A.! We are adding more every day.

    Don't you want to FinishFirst!?

  • Eco-Friendly

    Our Process

    Eco-Friendly Technology

    More and more, lawmakers and agencies are limiting or even prohibiting paint emissions that are released into breathable air. So it’s no wonder why our FinishFirst Process is so coveted by dealership pre-owned managers. Many dealerships have their own body shops and paint booths, but, when they actually conduct a cost/value analysis, using our process not only keeps the dealership in compliance with acceptable emissions regulations, the savings using one of our FinishFirst Licensees drops right to their bottom line.

    Spraying outside, on car lots, produces airborne particles of paint that can make their way onto other cars causing “over spray” taking precious time to correct. With our patented, FinishFirst Process the possibility of this occurring is virtually eliminated.

  • Brand Certified

    Better Results with Patented Technology

    Most every brand of automobile has a long list of required inspections that must be checked and/or repaired prior to receiving the “Certified Pre-owned” or CPO label.

    Almost without exception, these check lists say the appearance and finish of the car should be void of scuffs, scratches and rock chips. Unfortunately, many times it seems that the appearance of the car is never addressed at all...

    ...This is where our FinishFirst Process is so important to pre-owned managers who rely on it to fill out their CPO inspection check sheets.


  • FinishFirst Mobile App

    FinishFirst Mobile App

    The way forward continues...

    Our accuracy and timeliness of invoicing and customer service continues to improve a more FinishFirst Licensees implement our mobile app! More and more, Licensees are discovering the many advantages of going paperless with the Eco-Friendly FinishFirst Mobile App!

    Less paper, less time, more productivity...

    Don't you want to FinishFirst!?

  • Landon Rutledge

    Landon Rutledge

    Since 2013

    "I love the FinishFirst Mobile App because of how convenient it is to use.

    I like the fact that I don’t have to write up weekly reports or write up invoices. It saves me time and I don’t have thousands of papers at the end of the year. I can also see all previous invoices in the app. After you get past the learning curve it is very easy and simple to use.

    "I definitely recommend the FinishFirst App - 10 out of 10"

  • Micah Riley

    Micah Riley

    Since 2008

    The FinishFirst Mobile App is excellent!

    The FinishFirst Mobile App really speeds up the time for doing paperwork. I also love that it gives you a digital paper trail for your work. With the FinishFirst Mobile App, if a dealership is missing an invoice, it’s no problem, I can send it to them again immediately.”

    “The FinishFirst Mobile App helps give us an advantage over any competition. 10 out of 10!”


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